SilveryTay Web Design Presents

SilveryTay is pleased to present a new low cost CMS (content management system) template. Giving people the chance to have a good looking contemporary website so they can add and change content themselves, including an excellent image gallery.
The basic form of the website will be adapted on setting up with your own logo and header colours or texture. Plus it will be configured with your own email, etc..

Bee on yellow flower

What's included and how much will it cost ?

The basic package includes: setting up (inc. Blog/News page if required), changing and incorporating your business name (header's and footer's are not cms), page titles (for search engine optimisation), description (for search engine optimisation), keywords, email and a tutorial on using CMS. The website will also be uploaded to your host server.
Pages can be removed ie. if you do not require a News/blog page. The basic site consists of five pages, further pages will incur a charge of £20 per page. Social media buttons (twitter, facebook, etc. ) can be removed.
The price does not include a domain name or host server space. Advice and options on these can be given.

For the basic yet comprehensive package: £280.00.

(expect to pay in the region of £10.00 (2yrs) for a domain name and £30.00 (1yr) for a host server).

What is CMS ?

CMS allows you to change the content of pages on your website. By a simple Login page you navigate to the section you wish to change or update. These sections can consist of text, images, video, graphics, pdf downloads, tables, email links, etc. with the ability to format the text and change the text colour. Of course you can add text as often or as little as required.

If you do not require CMS then your text and images can be added for you.

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