'Keep it Simple' is the philosophy of SilveryTay. This aids clarity of purpose and ease of navigation. Well designed and user friendly websites with your information to the fore are more likely to be revisited.



Generally all SilveryTay websites are bespoke. We will work to a time-scale but we don't do 'fast' (unless for a very good reason) as that's because we care.

Domain Names and Host Server


If you require a domain name and host server space (where your website resides) then we will help, find and facilitate the best options. We will also set-up your email for your domain name.

Images and Galleries


Images obviously can be used (assuming you have the copyright) and various effects can be applied to these. Where appropriate images and graphics will have 'Alt text' applied.
Galleries of images are frequently requested and these can come in various flavours. Options will be discussed to find the most suitable.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Description and key-wording are incorporated but we recommend suitable 'index/home' page and title text for maximum search engine results. Submissions to search engines are free and done as a matter of course. Also Google Analytics and/or a hidden site counter can be imbedded at no extra cost.
We will assist as much as possible in SEO so your site can be found by your target audience. Submission to search engines is done as a matter of course.

Content Management and Blogs


Content Management Systems (CMS) and Blogs can easily be incorporated into your site. There are numerous options for this but we will seek the best suited. Instructions will be given into their use.
Blogs can be incorporated and there are various options, simple 'flat file' (completely on your server) or third party ie. Blogger or Wordpress.

E-Commerce integration


E-Commerce solutions can be integrated into your website, linking to dedicated e-commerce hubs or directly to the likes of PayPal, etc.
Other forms of specialist item integration can include Availability Calendar's's if you perhaps run a Bed & Breakfast business.
Instruction will be given into how to change the data required.

Working together


Design for your website is very much a collaboration with your specific likes and dislikes taken onboard.You won't just be handed a site and your full satisfaction is a prime aim.



There's a generous grace period when further 'tweaks' and possible textual corrections can be made. Though your site might be 'signed-off' simple adjustments can still be accommodated.

Pricing - the bottom line


There isn't a fixed set of pricing (except for our template designs) for the design and implementation of SilveryTay websites, our pricing is very competitive but will vary according to the complexity and general nature of the site.
Please contact SilveryTay for a no obligation estimate, remember to give some details as to what you require. Or phone 01250 883211 to discuss your requirements and / or arrange a consultation.

We're aware that budgets are sometimes limited and we will work as best and as fairly as we can with set budgets.
A site isn't 'finished and forgotten' once uploaded, over time if required we will help you maintain a relevant site.
The aim is for you to be fully satisfied with 'your' website.


"We have had many positive comments about both the visual and functional design of our site. It sets off photographic work very well and is stylish but straightforward to navigate. George's flair and attention to detail has been invaluable in setting up and maintaining the site over the past 5 years."- Kate and Les MacGowan, LarkPhoto