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SilveryTay web design is pleased to present our single page, low cost CMS* (content management system) template. Giving people the chance to have an excellent looking contemporary website so they can add and change content themselves, including if required an image gallery.
The basic form of the website will be adapted on initial set-up with your own logo and header, colours, background image or colour, etc.. There will be spam protection for your email address and Google analytics can be added. The depth of each section will expand according to the amount of content.

*This design can also be supplied non or semi CMS if you prefer. If don't require a google map or the gallery these can be removed and other sections if needed added.

What is CMS ?

CMS allows you to change the content of pages on your website. By a simple Login page you navigate to the section you wish to change or update. These sections can consist of text, images, video, graphics, pdf downloads, tables, email links, etc. with the ability to format the text and change the text colour. Of course you can add text as often or as little as required. The different sections will grow or shrink according to the amount of content you have.

If you haven't updated your website for some time or are looking for the first time - give us a call 01250 883211.

A variation to this design can be found here

SilveryTay Web Design

SilveryTay web design have been creating websites for over eight years with a variety of web designs and very satisfied clients under our belt.

We aim to create websites that match the criterea set by our clients and are complimentary to their business or interest. It is very important to us that the client is fully satisfied with their finished website.
Although our core business is in rural Perthshire and the townships therein, we have created websites for people as far afield as London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, the Western Isles and Orkney.

If you require product photography then our complementary Scottish-photography business can fulfil any required imagery.

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What's included and how much will it cost ?

The basic package includes: setting up, changing and incorporating your business name (header's and footer's are non cms), backgrounds, colours, page title (for search engine optimisation), description (for search engine optimisation), keywords, navigation, email with anti spam, Plus a tutorial on using CMS if used. The website will also be uploaded to your host server. Sections can be removed or added. Social media buttons (twitter, facebook, etc. ) can also be added.

For the basic comprehensive package: £240.00. non CMS.
£280.00 with CMS.
(expect to pay in the region of £30.00 for a domain name and host server)

Another SilveryTay contemporary CMS website template can be found HERE









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